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Who are you?

~Panic Channel & 176BIZ rating~
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You like Panic Channel/PANIC*ch and/or 176BIZ?
You want to know which of those J-Rockers you are most likely?
You've just found the best place to find this out. ^_^

This is a rating (or stamping) community, which means that you can post here and the other members of the community tell you which (Ex-)Panic Channel- or 176BIZ-member you are most like.
Got it?
Fine... so let's get it started. ^_^V

my_nyappyworld (An Café rating community)

♠NO flaming, insults, drama... etc.
♠If you've got a problem with another member of this community contact one of the mods.
♠Please write all postings and comments in English, since this is an international community. Thx. ^^
♠The mods feel free to change one or more rules if necessary.
♠If you violate the rules I'll warn you once, I'll warn you twice and the third time will have the result that you will be banned from the community. After 3 month you could join again if you want to. But if you haven't learned to follow these rules, you will be irretrievably banned.


♠First of all: Read the rules!
♠If you've got any questions comment on this post!
♠Make sure that your photos aren't blurry and that you are clearly recognizable! NO Panic Channel/PANIC*ch or 176biz-cosplay!
♠Your photo must be not smaller than 150x150 and not bigger than 400x400.
♠Please put "PANIC atelier" in your subject line to let us know, that you read the rules.
♠Now copy and paste the (whole!) application form posted below, fill it in and post it to the community... ^_^/)
♠You will be stamped 2 weeks after you did your apllication - according to the majority of votes. (If this community becomes livelier, I'll shorten the rating-period.)
♠If you aren't happy with your result, you can re-apply after 30 days.
♠Please rate at least three other members. Thx. ^_^
♠Don't try to argue about your results. You may comment them, but please don't try to change the voter's mind or even attack them.


♠You can stamp the appliciant as one of the following people: Meguru, Kana, Mayo, Kiri, Kyo~ya, Takumi, Yuusuke, Yuu, Toki/Tsubasa, Setsuki, Tara, Kasumi.
♠Please bold your vote. Excample: I tend between Takumi or Tara, but I guess you are Tara
♠Read the applications and don't judge only by looking at the pictures.


<lj-cut text="Application-form">
<b>Psychic (!) gender:</b> <i>(Means which gender do you think you are, not which you are physically)</i>

<b>Best traits:</b>
<b>Worst traits:</b>
<b>Average Mood:</b>

<b>Favorite brands:</b>
<b>Favorite bands:</b>

<b>Describe your style:</b>
<b>Any piercings or tattoos? What and where?:</b>

<b>Pictures:</b> <i>(Photographs of yourself)</i></lj-cut>

Click on the images to see who got stamped as each band member.

Use this images to show as which member you've been stamped. But please don't use these if you haven't been stamped, yet. Thx. ^^
Feel free to make your own icons.

!!!NO direct linking!!!