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PANIC atelier

Posted by chezumi on 2007.10.06 at 23:01

Name: Chezuu
Birthday: 30/11
Age: 17
Psychic (!) gender: (Means which gender do you think you are, not which you are physically) Um. Both :x Mostly girl, but I have some embarassingly manly traits >x<

Best traits: Friendly, chatty, bubbly, cuddly, giving, helpful
Worst traits: Lazy, easily offended, slow, sniping, bitter
Average Mood: Sleepy :x

Hobbies: Drawing~! And writing, and I like blogging all of a sudden. And listening to music. And shopping on the internet for clothes that I like but can no way afford ;~;
Likes: Um. All of the above? And I like cuddles, and having my hair stroked as well. I sound like a cat xD I like yaoi too and singing and designing and obviously JRock and other things. Italian food is also delicous, and I love cooking for people, especially when they really enjoy it and go "WOW THANK YOU<3". It makes me feel good :3
Dislikes: Being ignored or taken for granted, people who lie, the colour pink :x, feeling tired, at the same time though, being forced to go to sleep when I'm wide awake. And people who think they are superior to me because they look different. :/
Favorite brands: I LOVE Vivienne Westwood, SEXPOT ReVeNgE, and a few unbranded items that are just as wonderful, and half the price~
Favorite bands: Juliadoll, Dollis Marry, the GazettE, 176Biz, The Grudge, Coheed and Cambria, SKULL, Muse... etc~ (There is a lot [laugh])

Height: 5'4"
Weight: :x Heavy. I'm dieting because I'm like a blimp Dx
Describe your style: Uuum. I'm like... Lazual Kei. I will throw on some clothes, accessorise them to make them more interesting, then go out into the world. Someone said my hair looked like bat wings at one point, but in general, I'd probably be more Visual if I had the money and the clothes. x3
Any piercings or tattoos? What and where?:Yes! I have my nose pierced on (my) right side. My left ear is pierced four times, and my right is pierced twice :3

Pictures: (Photographs of yourself)

- Excuse phone pictures :x -

Yes. I am aware my hair is purple <3 [love]

Okay. No more :x [camwhore]


treyin at 2007-10-14 20:09 (UTC) (Link)
You remind me a lot of Yuu~

& You're such a QT, btw. ♥ ^__^
chezumi at 2007-10-14 20:25 (UTC) (Link)
Hee~ Thank you <3
blueberryxxjam at 2007-10-16 09:35 (UTC) (Link)
I think it's either Tara (esp the preferences) or Yuu...
Then again, from the characteristics you seem to be more like Kana or Toki...
That's difficult!

From the pictures and the gender question... well..
I think I'll rate you as Tara ^^
electricxbeat at 2007-12-16 22:30 (UTC) (Link)
i think of Tara .. your hair is so nice!!!
☆ ~ only for the stars in your eyes ~ ☆
abartiges_kind at 2007-12-30 07:12 (UTC) (Link)


Uwhaaa~ I'm really sorry. I totally have overlooked your entry. m(__)m

...you are:

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