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DRRR; Vorona ☁ Not what it seems

PANIC atelier

Posted by dycroft on 2008.01.12 at 18:32

Name: Rin.
Birthday: September 23, 1990.
Age: 17.
Psychic (!) gender: (Means which gender do you think you are, not which you are physically) Female, though I can be a little tough and manly at times, ha.

Best traits: I'm very self motivated and my self confidence pretty damn high. Usually i'm pretty creative, and people call me a 'genius' because I get A's in school yet never pay attention. Physically i'm also very strong too, having taken kendo and all sorts of martial arts for a major portion of my life.
Worst traits: I'm extremely sarcastic and quick to anger, and can also be pretty selfish(though it is rare). I have this OCD problem with organization, and it gets on people's nerves too, though I don't know if you would call it a bad trait.
Average Mood: Generally indifferent or calm and chill.

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, running, singing, dancing, tanning, doing hair, being on the computer.
Likes: History, Classical music, computers, art, kendo and other martial arts, tea, oriental restaurants, nature, photography, music in general, friends, cosmetology, vodka, organization, thunder storms, etc.
Dislikes: Politics, bad grammar, and homophobes.
Favorite brands: I... don't really have any.
Favorite bands: KinKi Kids, 176BIZ, MUCC, KOTOKO, etc. I listen to almost any thing, as long as its good.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: It was around 130 the last time I checked.
Describe your style: I usually just wear casual clothes, some skinny leg jeans and a tank top or t-shirt.
Any piercings or tattoos? What and where?: I have a lip piercing, on the right side, and two ear piercings. My two tattoos can be seen here and here. I love them, and I would also love if I could get the other side of my lip re-pierced!

Pictures: (Photographs of yourself)


blueberryxxjam at 2008-01-13 15:24 (UTC) (Link)
Whoah! Tara hair *_* <3

On my checklist you scored highest as Tara and Mayo.

Tara's creative, loves (to work with) computers and can be selfish at times. He likes tea and cosmetics and I think your psychical gender answer suits him well, too.

Mayo's calm and seems indifferent, though he's said to be a strong personality. When he's angry, Kiri and Kyouya fear him (at least they wrote so?). He's also the one I can imagine doing martial arts the best and he doesn't seem to care about clothes or brands as much (while Tara does). And the gender answer suits Mayo even better than tara, imho.

So yeah. It's tough. I see how you style your hair like Tara, even have his tattoo...
It's like whoaah! I want that too! *laugh*
But I think from the personality it's both and maybe even a tiny little bit more Mayo, so...

I vote for Mayo.
 りん ♫ lingering legacy
dycroft at 2008-01-13 21:53 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for your vote<3

Haha, funny thing is, I got that tattoo before I had even heard any thing about Panic channel, its so old now. I didn't realize my hair looked like Tara's either XD I'm flattered that some one likes it!
☆ ~ only for the stars in your eyes ~ ☆
abartiges_kind at 2008-01-24 05:20 (UTC) (Link)
Damn! I'm late again. *kicks herself* Bad mod! Bad mod! D:

I got a very Mayo-ish vibe while reading your application and you pictures kind of remind me of Mayo as well. And although I se a lot Tara as well I still vote for Mayo. ♥

<random>Your birthday is 2 days before and nine years after mine. :Dv</random>
☆ ~ only for the stars in your eyes ~ ☆
abartiges_kind at 2008-02-14 16:28 (UTC) (Link)


Ack! I'm late again. x_x
Well anyways... you are:

 りん ♫ lingering legacy
dycroft at 2008-02-17 03:49 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Stamped!

Thank you :)
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